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HIFU treatment for younger and radiant looking skin

As we age, it is natural that our skin tends to lose its youthful appearance. Added to that, due to environmental factors and pollution, our skin loses its sheen and starts to sag. Fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Regular skin care techniques such as applying skin firming creams and lotions might help in reducing the sagging, but they take a lot of time to work. Cosmetic surgical procedures such as skin tightening will produce more effective results, but the cost and recovery time associated with it is quite high.

HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a painless and non-surgical method to get rid of wrinkles. This procedure can also be used for skin and brow lifts and achieve skin tightening.

The fact that there is no downtime involved or discomfort experienced after the surgery, makes it quite popular.

HIFU uses our body’s own natural capacity to regenerate and heal. This therapy stimulates the production of collagen by inputting ultrasound energy that penetrates the deep tissue. This heats the tissue and speeds the natural regenerative process by the production of natural collagen.

HIFU targets the entire face to uplift sagging skin. The following areas are ideal for treatment: the neck region, chin, cheeks and eyebrow area. During a session, an individual area can be treated, or all areas can be treated at once.

Noticeable results can be observed immediately after one setting. Best results are visible 3-6 months from the commencement of the treatment. The results are long term and last for 2-3 years post the treatment.

Unlike laser treatment, HIFU does not cause scarring and protects the upper layers of the skin by targeting the deeper tissue. This procedure also reduces the time taken to recover by a large extent.

Though side effects of this treatment are limited, reddening of the skin and a tingling sensation can be observed when the procedure is being performed. There can also be some bruising, swelling, and numbness that can be observed locally. However, they mostly subside within 2 or 3 days.

The cost of the HIFU treatment varies from skin type to skin type. Our in-house dermatologist analyzes skin and determine the best course of action that can be taken. Typically, the cost varies between Rs. 20,000 to 1.5 lakh rupees.

So book an appointment with us today and give your skin the most effective non-invasive boost it deserves!

Skin Clinic Treatment FAQ

Aging is lack of Collagen production from within the skin cells resulting to loss of elasticity, firmness and glow.ageing is an extrinsic factor and can be controlled. Factors like sun's harmful rays, pollution, harsh weather, and stress damage our skin leading to signs of ageing.
Skin tightening is a procedure to remove excess or drooping skin, The most significant effect of skin loosening and sagging becomes apparent on the facial skin .
Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. causes wrinkles Aging can't be stopped,Advanced and effective treatment that delivers a holistic and best Skin caresolution
Stretch marks are a common problem faced by both men and women.Microdermabrasion is a painless procedure to reduce the appearance of white stretch marks.
Laser Hair Removal technique helps in removing unwanted hair easily and the process is absolutely painless.This method is much better than waxing, shaving, plucking.Laser hair removal is a widely used technique to achieve effective hair reduction.
Anti Ageing

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