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Anti-ageing Treatment

Best Treatment to Reduce the Signs of Ageinga

The fountain of youth—the fact that there are so many stories surrounding this myth shows mankind’s quest for everlasting youth. After all who doesn’t like to have glowing and youthful skin. Unfortunately, ageing is a natural process. Ageing shows up on our skin in numerous ways like expression lines—such as frown lines and lines on the forehead, wrinkles, loss of fat and bone structure gravity. Moreover, external factors such as pollution, exposure to sunlight, stress also increase the appearance of ageing.

But there is still an option to fight back this ageing process. The advances in cosmetic dermatology have improved the techniques that will help reverse the ageing process. If you are thinking of getting back your youthful skin, try our anti-ageing treatment! Layers Clinic has expert dermatologists who can perform the best Anti-ageing treatment that is most suited to your skin. What else? We at Layers Clinic are offering this treatment at a significantly lower cost compared to many other clinics in Hyderabad.

What are the Signs of Ageing?

Following are the significant signs of ageing that you can observe:

  • Loss of fat volume
  • Fine lines and saggy skin
  • Loss of bone structure
  • Expression lines and wrinkles
  • Discolouration of face
  • There are treatments like Dermarolling and microdermabrasion which can be performed if they suit your skin type. Dermarolling is a procedure where the dermatologist will be rolling a cylinder covered in tiny needles over your skin. This is used to treat scars, especially acne scarring, wrinkles, and fine lines. The damage caused by the needles promotes collage generation and thereby smoothen and tighten skin.

    Speaking of microdermabrasion, it is a gentler and less effective technique, which is using fine crystals or sand to remove the dead skin cells thereby improving skin texture. Both these treatments are better and there are several other treatments that can be decided based on your skin type. Visit us and leave that to our expert doctors. Book your appointment today!

    Why Layer Clinic

    Anti-ageing Treatment Treatment FAQ's

    If you see uncontrollable ageing symptoms, anti-ageing treatments are the best. The treatment can minimize the ageing signs and rejuvenates the skin cells so that your skin’s appearance is transformed to a youthful and resilient state.
    There will not be any significant side effects with anti-ageing treatments. Depending on the treatment you undergo, there can be light swelling sometimes, and it goes away within 2 days.
    There will not be any downtime after the treatment. You can continue with your everyday activities.
    We strive to offer personal attention and help you get optimal results with 100% satisfaction. After the treatment, you will go back home with youthful and glowing skin.
    Anti Ageing

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