Skin Lifting

Best Non-surgical Skin Lifting Treatment

Sagging and falling cheeks can be annoying, right? Do you have frown lines or crow’s feet near your eyes? Is your skin looking tired, blotched, and dull because of pigmentation and age spots? Hollowed eyes giving you a zombie-like appearance? We know you are worried. If your goal is to restore your youthful glow, you can use a combination of non-surgical procedures to achieve a natural-looking facelift without surgery.

Non-invasive Facelifts

Non-invasive facelifts are of three categories:

  • Replenishing lost volume
  • Resurfacing the superficial skin
  • Tightening deeper tissue
  • Using a combination of three factors would be the perfect treatment for perfect skin.

    Besides, there is Dermal fillers, Radiofrequency treatment, Laser lift procedure, and other treatment options. But using the right combination after analyzing your skin type can help to give you the perfect skin lift that you are looking for so that you get a youthful glory. Our highly experienced doctors with decades of expertise in their respective fields can offer a combination of treatments so that you get the result that you are exactly looking for.

    Trust us and book your consultation and our doctors will ensure that your youthful look is regained within no time by suggesting the best combination of procedures.

    Skin Lifting Treatment
    Benefits of Non-surgical Skin Lifting Treatment

    There are several benefits of skin lighting through a non-invasive procedure. Some of them are:

  • No pain: The major benefit of a non-surgical procedure is you don’t feel much discomfort during the treatment process.
  • Enhances contours: Besides restoring a youthful and amazing look, this facelift treatment will improve the facial contours and get rid of jowls.
  • Tightens facial muscles: If you have sagging facial muscles, you can see them tightened after the treatment. There will be a reduction in the wrinkles and lines on the face and neck.
  • Cost-effective procedure: As it is a non-surgical procedure, it is less expensive compared to the surgical procedure, and at the same time the results are outstanding.

  • Why Layer Clinics?

    Before And After Results

    Before And After Results-Layers  Clinics
    Before And After Results-Layers  Clinics
    Before And After Results-Layers  Clinics

    Scar Reduction Treatment FAQ's

    It depends on several factors such as:
  • Scar size
  • Number of scars
  • Amount of laser treatment that you need
  • No, there is no downtime required for the laser procedure. It is a painless procedure. Many studies have proved that it is the best option to reduce the appearance of a scar.
    The results of scar reduction with laser treatment lasts for a long time but you may need repeated treatments in the future.
    Since the procedure uses heat and light to treat the damaged skin cells, there will be some side effects like:
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Slight pain
  • Testimonial

    After trying various skincare routines and treatments, I was skeptical about the results promised by the skin lifting treatment. But, to my surprise, after just a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in the firmness and elasticity of my skin. It feels like years have been lifted off my face!


    I've always been self-conscious about the sagging skin around my jawline. But after undergoing the skin lifting treatment, I couldn't believe the transformation. Not only does my jawline look more defined, but the overall texture and tone of my skin have also improved dramatically. Highly recommend it!


    As someone in their forties, I've started to notice the effects of aging on my skin, especially around my eyes and forehead. But thanks to the skin lifting treatment, those pesky wrinkles and fine lines have visibly reduced. I feel like I've regained my youthful glow!


    Having struggled with loose skin after significant weight loss, I was desperate to find a solution. The skin lifting treatment not only tightened my skin but also helped to contour my body, giving me a more sculpted appearance. It's been a game-changer for my confidence!


    After experiencing sun damage and years of neglect, my skin had lost its firmness and looked tired. However, the skin lifting treatment has worked wonders in rejuvenating my complexion. I now wake up every morning feeling refreshed and radiant, thanks to this amazing treatment!


    Being in the entertainment industry, it's essential for me to maintain a youthful appearance. The skin lifting treatment has become a crucial part of my skincare routine. Not only does it help me look younger, but it also gives me that extra boost of confidence every time I step in front of the camera. Truly a remarkable treatment!