Wart Removal Treatment

Warts are quite common, and they disappear over time. But warts on certain parts of your body will make you uncomfortable. If you have warts on the sole of the feet, it will make walking or jogging painful. Its removal can be challenging but it is not impossible. Layers Clinic has highly experienced doctors who can help you with the diagnosis.

In most cases, our doctors can remove warts by following this method:

  • Analyzing the wart
  • Scraping off the wart’s top layer to identify any signs of dark, pinpoint dots like clotted blood vessels because it is the most common thing for those who have warts.
  • Then, a small section of the wart is removed to analyse in our laboratory to find the nature of the illness.

  • Wart removal treatment
    Different Types of Warts

    Following are the various types of warts:

  • Flat warts
  • Plantar warts
  • Filiform warts
  • Common warts
  • Periungual warts and others

  • You can see warts on any area of your body. Most often, you can see them on hands, feet, and face. Moreover, there are warts that affect the private areas which are transmitted sexually. Sometimes, these warts disappear by themselves without knowing; they may take time to go away and varies from one person to another. Warts are usually brown to black in colour, and they differ in size from 2-4 mm.

    Can You Prevent Warts?

    There are a few ways to prevent warts, and also stop their spread to other parts of the body. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Don’t tough your warts
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cover your warts with a bandage
  • Keep your hands and feet dry
  • Don’t touch another person’s warts
  • Avoid shaving over a wart
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    Wart Removal Treatment FAQ's

    Yes, they are quite common. You may develop at least one wart in your lifetime, and these occur typically on your hands.
    Yes. Warts are contagious. So, avoid touching someone else’s warts Also, do not use towels of those who have warts.
    Yes, they do spread from one body part to the other. So, always wash your hands thoroughly whenever you touch your warts. Moreover, when you shave on your warts, the virus could easily transfer to the razor, and when you shave other body parts, warts start to form on those body parts as well.
    They are not dangerous. But they can cause you discomfort and will make you look bad, particularly if they are on the visible parts of your body. So, is better to get the treatment quickly and get them removed.

    I had been struggling with stubborn warts for years, trying numerous over-the-counter remedies with no success. Finally, I decided to visit Layers at KPHB for wart removal treatment, and I couldn't be happier with the results! The procedure was quick and virtually painless, and the staff was incredibly professional and attentive. My warts are completely gone, and I couldn't be more relieved. Highly recommend!


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    I had been self-conscious about the warts on my hands for years, but after visiting Layers in Vijayawada for wart removal treatment, I feel like a new person. The staff was fantastic, explaining each step of the process and ensuring I was comfortable throughout. The treatment was highly effective, and my warts are now completely gone. I can't recommend Layers in Vijayawada enough for anyone struggling with warts. Thank you for changing my life!


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