Is It Safe to Do Hair Transplantation? What are the Side Effects?

A hair transplant is a procedure that adds hair to the scalp’s thinning patches. It is the right choice of treatment for you in case you have already tried other hair loss therapies and nothing else has worked out. Hair transplants are carried out by professional dermatologists.

Male or female, hair is undoubtedly a vital part of the human body. In addition to enhancing your physical appearance, having excellent, healthy hair can also make you feel more self-assured and upbeat. But what happens if you start losing your priceless hair all of a sudden? Because of our significant hair loss or baldness, many of us at some point thought of obtaining a hair transplant.

How Does Hair Transplantation Work?

The medical professional removes grafts, or tiny pieces of skin, from body parts with healthy hair. The donor site is what healthcare providers refer to here. The area with the thickest hair is typically on your head, at the rear of your scalp. Now the medical professional places the grafts in the areas of the scalp that lack hair. The transplanted skin will continue to grow hair after it has healed.

Is Hair Transplantation Treatment Safe?

Yes, it is very much safe to do hair transplantation if it is performed by an experienced surgeon. Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive surgery that only needs local anaesthesia and allows patients to go home the same day.

Your body’s ability to mend itself directly affects how quickly a wound heals. You will likely experience itching in the days after having a hair transplant. You shouldn’t scratch them before they fall out or go away on their own because it is frequently connected to the scabs that form to heal the incisions.

Your body’s physiological responses will typically be recognised by the surgeon during the pre-surgery exams and analysis after considering how safe a hair transplantation procedure is. They are crucial when determining the best course of action for a patient seeking a hair transplant.

If you choose Layers Clinics, we have the finest doctors who have already done several hair transplant procedures. They can carefully perform hair transplantation surgery without pain or swelling.

What Conditions Does Hair Transplant Surgery Treat?

There are numerous causes of hair loss. Hair loss can be permanent, but it can also be transient. Hair transplantation can help with permanent hair loss caused by:

  • An autoimmune condition called Alopecia Areata, which targets the hair follicles.
  • Pattern baldness, also known as Androgenic Alopecia
  • Hormonal abnormalities or thyroid diseases.
  • Burns or traumatic damage.

Who Is the Right Candidate for a Hair Transplantation Treatment?

  • A person who is in good health.
  • If you still have parts of your head where dense hair is growing.

Most Preferred Hair Transplantation Treatments

Before analysing whether a hair transplant is risk-free or not, it is critical to understand how surgeons carry out the procedure. It is a routine surgery carried out in many clinics all around the world. The procedure entails extracting hair from the body’s other portions or the back of the head and transplanting it to the damaged areas. Depending on the type of surgery selected, the procedure may be performed under general or local anaesthesia.

Today, two hair transplant techniques are often used.

  • FUT: This technique involves removing hair from a broad strip of scalp, mostly from the rear of the head. The wound is treated and quickly bandaged. From there, graft-ready follicles are taken out and placed in the recipient region.
  • FUE: In this procedure,the surgeon utilizes the donor area to extract hair and follicles, which are then transplanted into the afflicted area. The process is significantly simpler, and there are fewer difficulties with hair transplants.

Either dermatologists or plastic surgeons can conduct FUE or FUT. To ensure a safer hair transplant, one must select qualified medical professionals.

People who are concerned about whether a hair transplant is safe and permanent should relax knowing that risks are uncommon and can be readily managed. You don’t have to get scared with this treatment. It is a simple and effective treatment option to get rid of your baldness easily. Choosing a surgeon with experience in the procedure is the greatest method to reduce the likelihood of any issues. You can go to one of the Layers Clinics to find a qualified physician, and rest assured.

Are there Any Side Effects of the Treatment?

Most hair transplant surgery side effects are temporary. On your scalp, at the donor site, or where the new hair is, you can encounter the following problems such as:

  • Little pain
  • Itching
  • Loss of sensation
  • Throbbing
  • Tightness
  • Swelling

But don’t worry! Layers Clinics has doctors who will ensure that you don’t have any side effects at all. We follow the best procedures and use advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the treatment is hassle-free for you.

From the initial consultation to every subsequent appointment, we place a strong emphasis on every aspect of our patient’s hair restoration surgical experiences. Because of our tailored treatment plans, attention to detail, and impeccable reputation, our patients can assure themselves of the best quality treatment at Layers Clinics.

Not just that, from Androgenetic hair loss and dandruff to psoriasis and alopecia, our cutting-edge hair transplant clinic is prepared to address any scalp or hair issues effectively.

Things to Avoid After the Treatment

Here are some of the things that must be avoided after you get hair transplantation surgery.

  • Scrubbing your hair
  • Dyeing your hair
  • Sleeping flat
  • Driving
  • Applying ice on your scalp directly
  • Soaking up the sun
  • Wearing sports gear
  • Sweating
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Eating fast food


Now that you have got complete information about the hair transplantation procedure, let nothing hold you back to get the treatment. Remember that your happiness, self-esteem, and self-confidence can all be increased through hair transplantation.

However, you should stay away from a few things mentioned by our doctors to ensure a speedy, painless recovery, and a successful and satisfying treatment outcome. If you want to learn more about hair transplantation such as the cost of hair transplant, and more, get in touch with us today. Book your consultation by reaching us on 8297 88 27 27.

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