Losing weight is an obvious challenge and mostly, it’s the resolution of most individuals every year. But where do people suffer? Why there isn’t a change? Why do people give up after 6 days of morning alarm, hitting snooze button all the time and switching it off? More than any other factors, initial push gives more pain and people feel rather to give up than to adapt such a weight loss transformation, forgetting the end results.

As people succeed in losing weight, they gain confidence, and their entire life goes with discipline in every aspect. The ratio is 9:1 in this case which means 9 people give up on what they set and 1 out of those 9 might succeed to achieve desired weight loss goals.

Fat loss is more of disciplinary transformation being consistent and committed. When there’s no consistency, there is no proper shape you can see in your body. True transformation lies when you are consistent throughout the process until you reach the desired weight. Then what’s happening to that consistency? The domination of:

  1. Hormonal imbalances
  2. Negative self-talks
  3. Inferiority complex
  4. Being lethargic
  5. Stress and lack of sleep
  6. Busy being busy
  7. Too many misconceptions
  8. Unrealistic goal setting
  9. Street foods

All these aspects keep on influencing people who desire to have sustainable weight loss. But remember, consistency is mother of mastery and if you’re unable to get there, seek for guidance or experts who can help you in fat loss. Moreover, as per our observation, the following are the top-most effective strategies that help you with sustainable weight loss.

Mindset and Behavior Change

To see results in an overnight, it takes months of time and effort, and weight loss is one such thing to consider. It’s a long-term commitment and before you start your sustainable fat loss journey, first analyze your thought process and behavioral patterns for lifestyle change to happen.

Train your mind first and make it believe that your weight loss is a gradual process where you need to be patient, consistent, and self-compassionate. It enables your thought process to see results as you gain momentum but not immediately. This is where you’re excelling. Coming to physical readiness, it involves changing your eating habits and behavior. You should be prepared for the change you’re going to make in terms of eating nutritious food and involving yourself in physical activities. To involve yourself more into the process, get clarity on the following questions:

  • Why do I want to lose weight and what is my motivation?
  • Am I ready to give up on unhealthy eating habits?
  • Will the new change affect me in any way?
  • Do I need a push from a guide or a mentor for sustainable weight loss?

It’s advisable to speak to a professional before taking your first step because any imbalances in your body might create a huge impact negatively if you begin without an expert’s opinion.

Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Curiosity is good to have but if it exceeds the threshold, be ready to face the consequences. One of the reasons why most people give up on fat loss programs is because of their extreme anxious nature. This is where people think of losing weight in greater terms rather than being realistic.

Small, realistic goals help you to reduce weight in a reasonable timeframe. And before looking at the outcomes, consider factors such as time takes to achieve the goal, your current weight, lifestyle habits, and personal challenges. Based on these aspects, set the goals accordingly and see a definitive change in your body.

Balanced Nutrition

Too much fasting or being in deficit affects health in bad ways. Replace your supplements with alternate foods so that you are consuming low carbs along with balanced nutrition. Quitting food doesn’t make you lose weight; it complicates the process. Listen to your body before pushing something into it.

Based on the expert’s guidance or self-awareness, research and prepare a right diet plan that matches the healthy part of you. Sometimes our instincts push us to have unhealthy bites but it’s completely fine occasionally. Analyzing the kind of vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed to your body, consume the foods that are rich in those minerals and vitamins so that body is well-balanced with the right nutrition supplement.

Physical Activity

Jump, run, move, lift, or walk at least… As far as we know, all these physical activities unleash many potential benefits. One of the effective strategies for sustainable weight loss is doing physical activity. As research studies begin to unfold the importance of physical activity – be it strength training, weight loss workouts, body building, normal walking, etc., any of these brings its own advantages and reduces health complications.

Exercising is a great way to achieve your fat loss goals. But if you give up, then the long-term scenario is to keep on regret. So, depending on how much level your body supports, choose the right exercise activities, and help yourself to reach the desired weight.

Control over Senses

Food cravings are most common. Sleeping is a very great hobby for people. Physical and mental ways of surrendering to your senses are the best ways to degrade your health. The food you consume decides the way you lead your life. All those foods that are creamy and tasty may satisfy your senses, but their long-term effect is on your weight.

Lethargy or being unable to come out of your comfort zone is another big trap. Life to be lived healthy is an unhealthy habit to be sacrificed. The better you control your senses while you’re on sustainable goals, the better you will become. Controlling and channelizing your senses to these cravings is really a crucial step in the process of reducing your weight.


What’s your daily water consumption? Research says that a normal human being should consume 3.7 liters in a day. Depending on the intensity of physical activity and body’s condition, hydrate frequently. Hydration keeps your body refreshed and clears dead cells from the skin’s top layer, keeping it shiny and glowing.

Hydration either with water or through fresh fruit juices greatly supports your weight loss goals.

Prioritize Sleep and Recovery

Sleep and recovery play a crucial role in supporting sustainable fat loss through:

  • Regulates hormones like leptin and ghrelin, keeping hunger and cravings in control
  • Influences the production of insulin, regulating blood sugar levels. Poor sleep leads to insulin resistance, making it difficult to lose weight and recover faster from stress levels of physical activities
  • Maintains energy levels throughout the day and healthy metabolism
  • Regulates appetite in the proper ways, restricting overeating of foods
  • Recovers muscle quickly and repairs the body after excessive physical activity
  • Contributes to increased focus, energy, and well-being, enabling healthier routines

By prioritizing sleep and allowing for adequate recovery, you will have extreme support for your weight loss journey.

Balance Stress Levels

Stress is an ongoing suffering for most individuals due to day-to-day busy activities. Indeed, it’s affecting weight gain a lot. That’s why most people are opting for stress-releasing and stress managing workshops or finding other ways to overcome their stress. To deal with stress levels, energizing yourself with people who can support, activities that refreshen, and foods that reactivate play a vital role.

If stress is not regulated by balancing your thoughts and mind stillness, it hinders your fat loss process. Most people either overeat or stop doing workouts because of extreme stress levels. This is where the right partner to support your weight loss journey is recommended.

Be Consistent

The natural way of losing weight is extremely incredible if you’re consistent and what if you quit when inner energies dominate? This regret and worry stay in people’s heads for years to come as far as what we have observed. So, to make you be consistent, there are experts who take care of your body contouring and help you achieve the weight you want to have.

Seek Guidance

When you meet professionals, they will analyze your body and suggest the best ways to reduce your weight and Layers Clinics is at the forefront, leading the industry by helping individuals with weight loss. We use a scientific procedure and come up with a weight loss program that best suits you/ We recommend moderate levels of physical activity as well.

Seek guidance from our experts and doors are always open for making you fit person with our expertise and treatment!

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