Scalp MicroBlading Treatment For Hairloss

Are you among those who have premature hair loss? Yeah, they can be highly discouraging and embarrassing. Also, many of them lose their confidence and most of the times outright refuse to participate in social events due to said reason.

Hair loss, more openly the visible ones like at the temple can be downright depressing. But don’t you worry anymore, Layers Clinics offers you a solution i.e. Scalp Microblading. No, don’t get confused, this process doesn’t regrow your hair or anything of such sorts, there are other areas of treatments for the same. Scalp Microblading replaces hair stands on your scalp, concealing areas where the hair is thinned.

In other words, it just adds ink on the areas of your scalp where there is hair is thin. Scalp Microblading works best on those who have thin hair rather than on the areas that are completely bald. It is also called ‘temporary tattooing procedure.’ The idea is to recreate natural-looking strokes that replicate the appearance of real hair and conceal any thinning areas on the scalp.
It is the process in which a manual hand-held machine is used in order to create the embroidery effect on the scalp so that the thinness could be hidden in the proper manner. Initially, this method was used on eyebrows for the same reason as hair.

To make this procedure successful, the natural hair length and its texture are analyzed distinctively so that the new hair stroke can be placed in a similar manner. The new hair stroke is placed with the help of the sterilized blades which are also called the micro-blades. Best Microblading treatment for hair loss.


These micro-blades are a small look –a – like of needles which are loaded with small hair based on your hair color and texture. The size and shape of the needle depending on your skin type. These micro blades implant the substance i.e. the small hair parts inside the dermal layer of the scalp skin. The color of the stroke depends on your current hair color.

Which color is the best?

It is recommended to use a darker tone because eventually, the ink will fade. And it won’t look good if you have to different shades of the same hair color.

Is it painful?

No, it isn’t as much as painful as it sounds, because you will, of course, be given local anesthesia. The experts say, in case you feel the pain, it is equivalent to the mark of a scratch.


The complete process can take 6-7 hours, depending on the number of strokes required. Whereas for people with excessive balding, it may take more than one session.


The treatment lasts about 18-24 months, depending on your hair care routine. If you are looking for scalp microbalding, then we assure you that Layers Clinics is the best clinic in Hyderabad, with skilled doctors.

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