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Hair Transplantation – A permanent solution for Balding!!

Like skin, hair is also an important part of the body. Your hair completes your overall look. It also complements your look. Having thick hair is the dream of every person. Because when you have a full-grown thick hair you can flaunt, style, curl and straighten it.

Typically, the life of a hair strand is 2 to 5 years after which the strand automatically falls off. These days hair loss and thinning of hair have become such a common condition that you find at least 1 in 3 people to have said problems. But hair loss is a serious condition as it could result in Balding!!
External factors like pollution and stress can also cause hair loss. Like skin, your hair needs protection and nourishment as well. Simple measures such as covering your hair while going out and applying a hair serum before straightening or curling your hair can help in retaining your hair. But again these are temporary measures and will not benefit in the long run.

Layers Clinics has brought to you its Hair Transplantation Treatment. Hair transplantation is the procedure you move a patch of hair along with the skin on your scalp to the area where the hair is receding. It is known that Layers Clinic is the best clinic for Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad.
The duration of the Hair Transplant Treatment is about 4 to 8 hours depending on the size of the transplant one is getting done.


There is no age limit for hair transplant treatment. Anyone between the ages of 21 to 80 can get a hair transplant done.
Do not undergo hair transplant surgery until you are 30 years of age.
Who is beneficial of Hair Transplant?
1. Men with Male pattern baldness
2. Women with hair thinning problems
3. And anyone who have lost hair due to burn or a scalp injury

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a pattern of hair thinning and receding hairline at the crown of your scalp. This male pattern baldness is usually related to your genes and male sex hormones

Is Hair Transplant successful?

Hair Transplantation is a permanent solution for hair loss which has promising results as well. And the success rate of hair transplantation treatment is above 95%.


The cost of hair transplant depends on the number of grafts to be implanted. And in India, the cost of each graft is INR 25 -50.

Why choose Layers?

Layers Clinic is well known for its Hair Restoration Techniques. At Layers, our team of well-trained professionals will assist you in the best possible manner and will also ensure that the procedure takes place smoothly. We will make sure with our treatment you achieve your desired results. You can also discuss with our experts as to which treatment shall benefit you the most. We also have hair loss prevention treatments available.

We have state of art, modern equipment with advanced technology and well-trained experts to treat your hair fall issues. We offer Skin Treatments as well!!!
Visit your nearest Layers Clinic and book a consultation now.

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