Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Be it a party or some function or anything else, one always hopes to look good and having a hair-free skin also counts in terms of beauty. There are many options available in the market for hair removals such as waxing, shaving, and threading. But these all solutions are temporary; the need to shave or wax again reappears after 2 weeks or so.
And in this process, a lot of money is spent. But now you do not have to spend so much because Layers Clinics brings to you its advanced Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Laser Hair Removal is the permanent hair reduction process. This procedure is one of the most commonly preferred cosmetic procedures in India.
Layers Clinics brings to you its advanced Laser Hair Removal Treatment for removal of unwanted hair. This process involves flashing highly concentrated laser beams into the hair follicles. And the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and destroys the hair. Layers Clinic is the best clinic for Hair Removal in Hyderabad.


The duration of laser hair reduction treatment depends upon the area of hair removal.


The eligibility for Laser Hair Removal is 14 years although it is better to wait for a few more years before taking the treatment.


The cost of laser hair removal starts at Rs. 2, 500 per session.

Why choose Layers?

Layers Clinic is well known for its Advanced Laser Techniques. At Layers, our team of well-trained professionals will assist you in the best possible manner and will also ensure that the Laser Hair Removal procedure takes place smoothly. We will make sure with our treatment you achieve your desired results. You can also discuss with our experts as to which treatment shall benefit you the most. We also have hair regrowth treatments available.
We have state of art, modern equipment with advanced technology and well-trained experts to treat all of your skin issues. We offer Hair Treatments as well!!!

Visit your nearest Layers Clinic and book a consultation now.

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