Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Are you getting tired of waxing or using razors for removing your hair? 

There’s a permanent solution for every temporary problem in this universe.” Having unwanted hair in the body can be so disgusting at times and to get rid of it, people undergo laser hair removal treatment. It’s more of an alternative for other removal methods such as shaving and waxing. Laser hair removal promises the significant reduction of unwanted hair on the body, especially in the presence of a professional. The professionals use the best suitable laser process based on your skin and body type.  

It’s a fact that there can be side effects or risks, but these can be minimised and eliminated when the right procedure and medical care is being followed. After completion of treatment, it’s never-a-worry but a smooth and soft skin.   

How Can Layers Clinics Help You in Permanent Hair Removal? 

More often women feel disgusted and tired when they wax or shave unwanted hair on their body on a weekly basis, which is time-consuming. Layers Clinics has come up with a permanent solution which is Laser Hair Removal.  

For women who would like to cherish with smooth and bright skin, then this treatment is a golden call for them. It can be the best hair removal option as the popularity is ever-increasing in India. It’s a cosmetic procedure, performed in the presence of an expert dermatologist if you’re curious and interested in the best hair removal treatment.  

The treatment specially focuses on the removal of dark, coarse hair leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. This highly effective process goes completely painless and quick enough where laser beams of highly concentrated light will be pointed on hair follicles and remove the hair from the roots. Such a process also closes these follicles, preventing re-growth of hair.  

Aspects We Take Care of Throughout the Hair Removal Process 

Many people might be in a myth where hair removal process costs more and it leads to a financial burden. Though there are significant costs involved, hair removal costs in Hyderabad depends on various factors. These include hair type, density of hair, and type of laser used, body part where treatment must be done, device used, number of sessions required, and many others. Following are a few aspects we take care for hair removal process: 

  1. Number of sessions required: Once dermatologists examine or analyze your hair and skin conditions such as hair density, texture, skin type, etc., sessions are scheduled accordingly. Usually, it takes 6-8 sessions for the complete hair removal process to experience the smooth and soft skin. 
  1. Hair density considerations: The denser the hair is on that place, the more time it takes for the laser beams to get into the hair follicles. Most commonly, testosterone levels in the body can make a certain impact for the cause of denser hair.  
  1. Skin type of a patient: Considering the six different skin types where it impacts on cost of laser hair removal treatment, some skin types need special attention. Within this categorization, sun exposure, tendency of the skin to tan, and other factors are analyzed by our experts. When you have a one-on-one consultation, you can understand the possible effects and results from this treatment.  
  1. Size of the area to be treated: The skin removal places on the body differ from person to person. And all the other aspects including cost of the treatment are determined based on the size of the area to be treated. For example, the process for facial hair removal and leg hair removal completely differs. Before determining the cost, have a clear perspective of where to get treated.  
  1. Hair Texture: Hair textures also matter a lot in this type of treatment. Based on the skin and hair texture, the number of sessions required vary. If your hair is coarse or rough, it probably takes more sessions for the results to appear.  
  1. Skin conditions: When it comes to skin conditions, definitely special care must be taken. If not, you might be subjected to risks. Our doctors ensure such care for laser hair removal.  

Laser hair removal became the buzz word since early 2000s but to experience the best, it’s always a great choice to walk-in where you feel supported and cared.  

Alma Sensor – Advanced Tech Device for Hair Removal 

Layers uses the advanced and most effective tech device for hair removal – Alma Sensor. It’s the best for hair removal at any part as it comes with three wavelengths, a large 4cm spot size, and an advanced ICE PLUS cooling system. The ICE PLUS cooling system helps the patients to cool their skin throughout the treatment against heat generated by laser shots.  

Moreover, the device targets the different hair levels of follicles, creating a better experience for our patients. Rated as the safest device for regular and tanned skin, Alma laser delivers its effectiveness with the help of 755 nm Alexandrite, 810 nm Diode, and 1064 nm Nd: YAG. 

Nd: YAG (Nd – neodymium, YAG – yttrium aluminum garnet) – This is termed as one of the most advanced methods for hair removal treatment in addition to tattoo removal and hyperpigmentation.  

Areas We Treat & Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal 

Our laser treatment creates significant impact on any area of the body and these include: 

  • Upper lip 
  • Chin 
  • Chest 
  • Abdomen 
  • Arms 
  • Under arms 
  • Bikini line 
  • Pubic area 
  • Legs  
  • Buttocks 

Our extra care is for pregnant, lactating women, and young adults (who are in the stage of puberty) as they can’t undergo this hair removal procedure as the body undergoes major hormonal changes during these stages.  

Highlighting the benefits, laser hair removal treatment comes with many benefits and major of them are:  

  • Quickly treated depending on the area and small areas such as upper lips, under arms, back and legs, bikini areas can be treated in 20-60 minutes. 
  • Highly accurate and known for its precision being the safest. 
  • As it’s a permanent hair removal process, it’s long-lasting as well. 
  • Say goodbye to pesky hair and there’ll be no traces of ingrown hair. 
  • Hair removal process with no side effects. 
  • Affordable solution and cost-effective method when compared to other conventional methods.  
  • Painless treatment with softer and smoother skin.  

The Big Difference – Known for Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

We are proud of ourselves as the best laser hair removal center in Hyderabad as we are proud of successful moments and celebration of people to be around when they have seen results they expected. It’s a commitment of ours as we have advanced medico-aesthetic treatments with world-class equipment and utmost care.  

Established ten centers in Hyderabad, Layers Clinics has grown to a different level with 10+ years dermatologists, trichologists, and professionals leading the era. Layers Clinics is a chain of efficacy and safety for the people. The success being the core technology and holistic approach where it helps us in delivering long-lasting results to our most prestigious clients.  

Our specialization is into treating acne marks, wrinkles, saggy skin, dull skin, tan, dark circles, stretch marks, hair loss, hair thinning, balding, hair fall, and laser hair removal treatments, and much more.  

Our gold-class technology is best for hair removal that delivers superior results, best suitable for Indian skin types. Layers Clinics is backed by well-trained board-certified laser technicians who perform careful treatments with no side-effects and downtime.  

Being the best is okay but what about being the most charming and beautiful? Get the best offers and treatments at Layers today! 

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