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Hair is the crown of any person. It lets individuals feel confident about themselves and gives an unknown energy spark to those who have it. Unfortunately, atmospheric conditions and food habits led to the cause of hair fall among individuals. In the present scenario, hair loss has become a major issue to address, and people feel great care and attention are needed. The modern lifestyle made jobs easy while affecting the hair growth and reasons include – stressful work schedules, increase in pollution, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, medical treatments, etc.  

All the above factors are creating either permanent or temporary hair loss. People are feeling the essence of undergoing hair treatments so that they can regain their crown. If hair loss is a problem for you, there’s nothing to worry about because Layers Clinics is here, providing hair loss treatments for individuals for years together.  

Why do People Choose Hair Transplantation? 

Hair loss became the most addressing concern among the individuals, and it’s reported that more than 76% of individuals under 30 are experiencing it. Coming to women, thickness, softness, and length of the hair are dropping gradually which is why most of them are shortening their hair. On the other hand, due to imbalanced food habits and other addictions such as smoking, great quantities of nutrition are lacking among individuals. All these factors are playing a major role in hair loss.  

Another reason is medications. People who rely more on pain killers, antibiotics, and other medications due to health problems, have a more probability to experience massive hair loss.  

Reasons can be many but permanent solutions do exist to see shiny and glowing hair. Hair transplantation is a long-lasting hair restoration treatment where Layers Clinics play the role of 360-degree hair growth caretaker. We use grafting technique where a round pouch picks up healthy hair follicles from the donor site (hairy part) and transplants them to the recipient side (the lacking hairy part). Layers is here for you with the most advanced and world-class DHI technique for your hair transplantation.   

Advantages of Hair Transplantation 

Choose the best hair transplantation for you and here are the intangible benefits: 

  1. Enhanced appearance 
  1. Authentic looking results 
  1. Zero maintenance 
  1. Cost-effective treatment 
  1. Higher chances of success 
  1. No more bald spots 
  1. Less complications 
  1. Reduced long-term medication 
  1. Painless and scar-free procedure 

Hair transplantation has minimal risks and is the best option for you. Layers Clinics has proven credibility and pride in offering the best hair treatment at affordable costs. Driven by advanced technology and experts at the core, Layers Clinics provides exceptional results with 100% satisfaction.  

Types of Hair Transplantation at Layers Clinics 

As you have seen advantages of hair transplantation, here’s an overview of our transplantation techniques that drive above mentioned benefits.  

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) 

In the FUT hair transplant treatment, a trichologist cuts a strip of scalp from back of the head and dissects it into multiple grafts, acquiring a set for bald area. This procedure is highly recommended for individuals who have the most baldness on their scalp. People who go for FUT treatment must not bother about cuts and stitches at the back of their head as it takes longer time to recover in addition to getting desired results in one go.   

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 

The trichologists extract individual follicular units one after another from the back of the head using a specialized equipment. The procedure is minute and painless but takes hours to complete. People who have fewer areas of baldness and choose shorter hairstyles post-surgery can go for FUE treatment. With faster recovery as a promise, the process is less invasive and involves minimal stitches or cuts in the scalp.   

The healthy hair follicles are extracted from the scalp and then they are fixed onto the bald area. Tiny needles and blades are used to punch holes in the bald area for transplantation. To ensure painless process, high-quality anesthesia is applied at the bald area before beginning the hair loss treatment.  

Direct Hair Transfer (DHT) 

Direct Hair Transfer is the next-level version of FUE. Here the follicular units from the donor area are extracted and are inserted individually using a manual procedure instead of relying on a machine. The extracted healthy follicles are inserted into recipient area using a “Transplanter”, without creation of any holes. DHT has a 100% success rate as follicles are placed carefully considering graft’s angle, depth, and direction.  

Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) 

Body Hair Transplantation is like FUE, but this is used to treat other parts of the body. It includes beard, chest, stomach, legs, back, and arms. Once the grafts are collected from these body areas, these are transplanted onto the bald areas.   

Our Utmost Care & Your Choice Unwraps Great Transformation 

 We make people follow crucial instructions before and after hair transplant treatment is done. These instructions are for the sake of your hair growth and safety. Our pre- and post-hair transplant care aspects include the following: 

Pre-operative aspects: 

  • Avoid taking Advil, anti-inflammatory, aspirin medicines, or painkillers. Medicines containing Vitamins B & E, herbal medicines, and blood thinners are not advisable. 
  • Stay away from steroids and applying cortisone creams as these may result in increase of bleeding during the procedure.  
  • Alcohol and smoking are not at all recommended. 

Following are the instructions a day before surgery: 

  • Sleep must be prioritized. Quality sleep is essential. 
  • Never use hair gel, sprays, or other styling products. 
  • Take medicine based on the doctor’s advice.  

During the day of surgery: 

  • Wash your scalp and hair by applying mild shampoo. 
  • Light and healthy breakfast. Avoid caffeine. 
  • Do not wear any hair styling product. 
  • Skip exercise or other strenuous activities. 

Post-operative aspects: 

  • Use the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medicines as prescribed by the doctor. 
  • Two days post-surgery, wash the donor and recipient area with water. Do not use a towel to dry your hair.  
  • Later, wash your donor and recipient areas with a mild, anti-microbial shampoo and conditioner twice a day. 
  • Quit smoking, alcohol consumption, and pain killers at least for a few weeks. 
  • Skip exercising and strenuous activities. 
  • Apply oral medications as prescribed. 
  • Never walk into sun or heat for three-to-five weeks 
  • Keep your head in an elevated position while you’re sleeping. 
  • Avoid swimming. 

Make the Desired Transformation Happen at Layers! 

More than a brand, we are known for our expertise, world-class equipment powered by advanced technology, and ever-succeeding results. With exclusive skin, hair, and laser treatments, Layers core has experienced professionals who have played a significant role in dealing with 2500+ surgeries since its establishment. For the pride we hold, it’s because of the desired transformation we made it happen among people, standing as the best hair transplant center in Hyderabad.  

Hair transplants are taken care of by doctors who have 12+ years of experience backed up by high-precision, patent equipment. Among the 2500+ surgeries, our doctors have succeeded in treating grade 6/7 baldness as well. They have implanted 100,000+ grafts with a proven success rate.  

If you’re looking for cost-effective best hair transplant treatment combined with experts to handle, Layers Clinics is right before you! A one-time visit can change your life. A single treatment can transform your lifestyle. A wise decision can make the desired transformation happen only at Layers Clinics!  

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