What is Mesotherapy And Can It Cure Your Hair Loss Problem?

Hair loss occurs in men and women.
Though we have always associated old age with baldness, there are many other reasons that attribute towards premature hair loss.
Today, we find young men in their 20s and 30s experiencing bald spots and receding hairlines. Many young ladies too find that they are losing hair especially during pregnancies, when they crash diet or during times of extreme stress.
The condition is called Alopecia and the treatment is known as Mesotherapy. But before we explore Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss, let’s find out exactly how Alopecia develops:

Our Hair Can Fall For Many Reasons The Causes Are As Follow:

1) Bad diet
If the hair roots and scalp don’t get the right nutrition, they weaken and hair falls in patches. Fish, nuts, spinach and eggs help to grow hair long and healthy.

2) Genetics
Some people are prone to baldness as it’s a family trait! If a father begins balding early, his son is mostly likely to as well. But this is not a fixed rule.

3) Stress and Shock
Often, traumatic events in life that cause high amounts of stress can lead to hair loss and baldness. This condition is called alopecia areata when the body’s immune system causes damage to the hair follicles, making hair fall out.

4) Trichotillomania
This is a hair pulling disorder that happens due to stress or just a habit. If you find yourself pulling out your hair when, you’re in deep thought or, angry, stop it now!

5) Hair styling and chemicals
Excess bleaching, straightening, crimping, curling, and other styling treatments can damage hair, resulting in hair loss. Limit the hair styling treatments and use natural hair care products if you find that your hair is thinning.

6) Hormonal changes
For women, the peak times are during pregnancies and menopause. The hormonal changes experienced during these times are immense and can cause hair to fall.

Mesotherapy hair treatment

Mesotherapy is used for hair regrowth and healing. Nutrient-filled liquid is injected into the layer of skin under the epidermis and above the tissues. It encourages circulation, restores hormonal balance, reduces DTH hormones and nourishes the scalp.
Mesotherapy treatment is also successful in eliminating infections and resulting in strong, thick hair growth.
This treatment is relatively pain-free. The Mesotherapy gun is very fine and works very quickly. The treatment spans over eight weekly sessions and results start showing around the 5th and 6th session.
If you feel that you need mesotherapy treatment, visit Layers Skin Clinic and meet one of our experienced dermatologists who can advise you professionally.

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