5 Ideas To Help You Get Rid Of Your Dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff, you know exactly how annoying it can be. The constant itchy feeling all over your head and then the nuisance of scalp flakes falling everywhere! Dandruff is an embarrassing condition. But don’t worry almost half the population suffers from various degrees of dandruff. However, dandruff should be addressed and not taken lightly. Though washing and combing can temporarily get rid of it, long term treatment should be considered before the problem gets worse. So, first let’s see what causes dandruff and some quick remedies for each:

  1. Chemicals: When you expose to your hair to multiple chemical treatments, coloring, perming, etc, the scalp can dry out, causing it to flake. Some people are allergic to certain hair products and this can cause an infection to grow on the scalp. This condition is known as seborrheic dermatitis and needs medical attention.
  2. Stress: Many people get dandruff when they are mentally disturbed about a matter. The link is not completely obvious but it happens! Do an activity daily, that relaxes you. Take a walk, do breathing exercises, listen to music or meditate.
  3. Oily skin: If you tend to have oily skin, then you may feel like washing your hair more often than normal people. This can also cause dandruff. Regulate your washes and if you must wash often, use natural ingredients like shikakai and amla.
  4. Sun: Spending long hours in the sun can cause damage to the scalp and result in dandruff, so always wear a cap.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure:

We believe that dandruff is one of those problems that should be attacked before it happens. People prone to itchy scalps can do the following, in order to prevent dandruff in the future:

Oil Massages: Regular massages with coconut or tee tree oil can reduce the dryness and increase circulation.

Diet and Exercise: Eating a lot of fresh, home made food in the form of vegetables, fruits, cereals, dals helps to reduce dandruff. If you mix that with some daily exercise, you will cure your dandruff from within as you sweat.

Special shampoos and conditioners: Check to see if the hair products you are using are dermatological safe.

If you feel that your dandruff problem, needs medical attention, book an appointment with the certified dermatologists at Layers Skin Clinic today!.

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