Anti-Aging Treatment Ideas For Your Skin:

Age may be just a number but it seems like a stressful one when it shows up on your skin! If you never had to do much for your skin when you were younger, now is the time to begin taking care of it. As we get older, factors such as dry or hot weather, lack of sleep, a bad diet or anxiety begin to show more easily on our skin. This is due to the loss of elastin and collagen that makes our skin supple and strong. We even begin to lose the upper layer of our skin or epidermis. Aging skin gets damaged more easily and is basically weaker than it was younger. It’s inevitable But there is hope!

Here are a few tips for you to take care of your skin that will guarantee you look younger within just a few days.

1) Drink Water

Yes, this is common advice and we know you’ve heard it repeatedly. But the fact is that water hydrates the body, skin, hair, and organs to keep them young and fresh! Remember the way you feel when you gulp down glass water when parched? That’s exactly how your skin feels when you drink enough daily. Around 6 to 8 glasses are recommended. Best anti ageing treatment in Hyderabad.

2) Cleanse Gently

Don’t be harsh with your skin when cleaning it. Avoid soaps with strong scents and chemicals. Try natural soaps with cucumber, lavender or rose oil. Milk is also a lovely cleanser. It wasn’t Cleopatra’s secret for no reason! Use cleansers with low pH levels and avoid anything with sodium lauryl sulfate or the stuff that creates a lot of foam and suds.

3) Moisturize externally

Even if you have naturally oily skin, use a moisturizer. You get water based and oil based ones, for various skin types and weather. Apply a good amount before sleeping so that your skin gets help in night-time skin repairing.

4) Release stress and sleep well

Stress is the biggest enemy of youthful looking skin. It can cause lines and wrinkles while taking away your natural radiance. Meditate and sleep well. If you do both these, you will begin to find immediate results. Yoga and exercise are of course, good too. But if you feel that your skin needs some help in the form of topical medication or clinic treatments, contact a dermatologist at Layers Skin Clinic.

We deliver gentle and effective treatment for skin tightening, anti-aging, fillers, and anti wrinkles among others. But before you pick a treatment, book a free consultation with one of our doctors who will examine and advise you well. Call us today!

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